Drew Noyes – Full of Bullshit!

Drew Noyes – What Utter Bullshit!

Drew Noyes starts one of his lines of bullshit thusly:
“Drew Noyes is one of the most credible, friendly, reassuring professional to make Thailand his home and he has helped literally thousands of foreign business people, home buyers and couples to be successful in Thailand.”
There’s a couple of problems with Drew’s opening lines.  Credible?  To the naive.  Professional?  In his dreams!
This credible person is, at the time of this writing, going to court for alleged criminal libel and alleged extortion.  He has had complaints filed against him for not supporting his children.  For the thousands of people he claims he’s helped, none have ever stepped forward to back up his claims.
He has used his online newspaper to falsely suggest a investigative reporter was being sought by Thai police authorities and Drew Noyes was forced to remove this and other libelous articles by court order.
He claims to be a legal expert but has never practiced law either in the US or in Thailand.  He claims he was asked to come here to help with a financial crisis but really came here on the run from prosecution in the US.  If by “helping” Drew Noyes means opening a bar in Pattaya, then that’s what he should say.
He has outstanding court cases in the US.
Is this the kind of credible professional you want helping you?
You can read more about Drew Walter Noyes, his history, his victims and his alleged crimes on these links:
Drew Noyes – Out On Bail For Alleged Extortion
Drew Noyes Sued For Non Support of His Children
Pattaya Con Artists
Drew Noyes Investigated

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