UNESCO Scam In Thailand

One of the big ways the scum that prey on the gullible here in Thailand is via fake awards.

Say you have a friend who has an upcoming court case and you need to curry favor with a high ranking official that could influence the outcome of your friend’s trial.
The easiest way to do this is with a fake awards ceremony and appeal to the high ranking official whilst he/she’s in the afterglow of receiving an award.  Throw in something like some Knights of Rizal dressed up in their ceremonial costumes and you’ve got an event that will impress most of the more naive officials, especially when the ceremony is held in English.  Most of the Thai officials just go with the flow and feel honoured that they’ve been selected for the award, not at all wondering why the local Thai media isn’t covering this auspicious event.
Recently, a fake UNESCO awards ceremony was held involving some very senior Thai officials as well as some known expatriate fraudsters.  One of the recipients of this award was Niels Colov, the Dutch gangster that is now the head of the Foreign Police Volunteers.  Oddly enough the only newspaper to report on this grand event was a newspaper coincidentally owned by Niels Colov, the Pattaya Mail.  Even more strange the only person that was mentioned in the article as receiving the award was Niels Colov.   http://www.pattayapeople.com/default.asp?Folder=16&IdArticle=33213


Since the publication of the article, the Pattaya Mail has refused to provide a list of the honorees and insists the awards are genuine, even after it’s been confirmed by UNESCO that the awards ceremony was a fraud.  If the awards are genuine, why is it that it’s only Niels’ name that appeared in the press article?
Why didn’t the Pattaya Mail include a full list of the honorees and why won’t it provide a list upon request?  Why did UNESCO have to come all the way from Europe to present the awards when there’s a branch of UNESCO in Bangkok?  Why weren’t any of the in-country UNESCO representatives present at the ceremony?  If the awards came from Europe, why Cracow?  Shouldn’t have the awards come from UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France?
Niels Colov has insisted that the UNESCO awards are genuine.  A good liar/Knight of Rizal always sticks to his story.

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